Preparing Your Forklift for Summer

Summer is officially on its way and while you may love the warmer weather, unfortunately forklifts do not. The humid summer heat can cause problems for forklifts in Charlotte, and when left unchecked, these problems can result in high repair bills and significant downtime.

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How To Pick The Right Forklift: Tips From The Pros

Picking the right forklift for your operation can be a difficult process with there being hundreds of different brands and types of forklifts on the market. When choosing the right forklift for your company, it is important to know the difference between a narrow aisle forklift and a regular forklift.

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Behind the Wrench: Expert Interviews with Our Hyster-Certified Mechanics

We recently sat down with some of our most experienced mechanics to ask them in-depth questions about our products and services. Here’s what they had to say in response to common questions: What are warning signs that a piece of equipment — a forklift or an aerial lift, for instance — needs to be serviced?…

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