LiftOne Solutions for Mining, Energy and Construction

As the mining, energy and construction industries advance, so do the challenges that come with them. Companies must balance the competing demands of worker safety and emission regulations with maintaining low operating costs and minimizing unscheduled downtime, even in harsh weather conditions. Yet, having the right material handling equipment can transform problem areas into competitive advantages as you think outside the box to find new solutions that make your processes better. 


The construction, mining and power industries face increasingly strict employee safety regulations despite demanding working conditions. Companies need to find a way to lower operating costs and keep industrial equipment running with little to no downtime for repairs, all while maintaining compliance with sustainability regulations. 

Worker Safety

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Worker safety is a top priority in busy working environments, especially those surrounding the construction and mining industries. Companies must consider both the realities of safety according to OSHA mandates and the perceived safety and comfort for workers.


  • Use telematics to restrict access to untrained operators and monitor equipment diagnostics
  • Choose explosion-proof industrial equipment where there are threats of metallic dust and explosive gas
  • Utilize high-performing equipment from Hyster and Yale offering superior operator comfort and ergonomic designs to reduce musculoskeletal problems

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Equipment Downtime
Wear and Tear
Emissions Regulations

Tailored Material Handling Equipment Solutions

LiftOne features a carefully selected portfolio of safe, user-friendly and efficient equipment from industry powerhouses Hyster and Yale. Everything from ICE and electric forklifts, to jumbo and tire hander equipment can serve as the ideal fit for your construction, mining or energy operating scenario.

H50XT 430 ocl studio (1)

Four-Wheel ICE Pneumatic Trucks

Improve efficiency and throughput by loading, unloading and cross-docking faster and with less downtime.

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Let your operators be more productive than ever, whether in containers or loading docks, safely navigate your tightest spaces while delivering a highly energy-efficient solution.

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Electric Pallet Trucks


Ensures operators are moving loads as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible at every stage of pallet handling, including transport, loading and unloading trailers.

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Powered by Lithium-Ion

With a power source delivering a useful life up to 3 hours longer - this integrated solutions gives high efficiency, charging flexibility, zero maintenance and smart sustainability.


Combilift C-Series

The multi-directional forklift designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of long and bulky loads. Suitable for handling: Guided Aisles, Long Loads, Narrow Aisles and Palletized Goods



Delivering superior fuel consumption and lower total cost of ownership with a powered cab tilt providing access to major components in seconds and helps reduce maintenance time

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Combilift SC

Your unique business applications demand specialized equipment that performs to the highest standards—shift after shift, load after load. LiftOne is proud to offer Combilift multi-directional forklifts and sideloaders to optimize your efficiency like never been. 

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hyder high capacity forlift

Explosion Proof Lift Trucks

An EX rated truck is an electrically powered truck that is designed, constructed, and assembled so that it can be used in atmospheres containing specifically named flammable vapors, dusts, and fibers.

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Highly customisable to fit any load handling challenge. The COMBi-MG is highly adaptable to your needs and can be built to dimensions specifically to suit your application. It can be fitted with a very wide range of lifting accessories to suit any application or industry.

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Your Headquarters for Mining, Energy, and Construction Warehouse Solutions

Searching for fleet solutions for a construction businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama? LiftOne is a one-stop headquarters for new and used material handling equipment, rentals ranging from electric forklifts to high-capacity outdoor equipment. We also have the service and parts expertise to keep your entire fleet up and running.

Leverage LiftOne's Value-Added Services for Your Business

LiftOne is a full-service material handling dealership that wants to partner with you through every step of the process. We offer a wide range of services to boost your fleet's operations: 


Telemetry collects and reports real-time data so you can monitor your daily operations, and pinpoint areas of inefficiency or misuse with your fleet.

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LiftOne Now

Use our digital interface to request service, parts and equipment, get real-time updates on repairs and view and manage fleet asset details.


Equipment Rentals

Flexible material handling equipment rentals from a diverse fleet, including a wide selection of traditional and specialized forklifts.

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Motive Power

Optimize your power at the source — Improve efficiency, reduce emissions, free up valuable work space all while maximizing profit margins.

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