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Equipment Categories


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Taylor Dunn B-125

Taylor Dunn B-150

Taylor Dunn B-210 GT

Taylor Dunn B-248 36V GT

Taylor Dunn B-248 48V GT

Taylor Dunn Bigfoot 3000

Taylor Dunn BIGFOOT 36V

Taylor Dunn BIGFOOT 48V

Taylor Dunn Bigfoot Ambulance 36V

Taylor Dunn Bigfoot Ambulance 48V

Taylor Dunn BIGFOOT XL

Taylor Dunn BT-248 72AC

The Best Vehicles in the Business

The right industrial vehicle for your business can be the missing link to unlocking new potential. Whether you need a burden carrier for order fulfillment, an industrial tow tractor to haul huge loads with ease, or a personnel carrier to navigate your facility safely and efficiently, LiftOne has a substantial inventory of industrial vehicles to fit your needs. With models like the Motrec MC-360 burden carrier, featuring a load capacity of 3,000 lbs., and the Taylor Dunn Bigfoot 3000 utility vehicle, capable of speeds up to 18 mph and a range of 40 miles, your material handling business has more options than ever before.