LiftOne Solutions for the Metal Industry

The metal industry is an intense sector with countless challenges for organizations to navigate daily. Every metal professional, from fabricators and construction professionals to recyclers and machinists, faces unique hurdles that they must navigate daily. Working with heavy loads, operating within hot and demanding environments, and maintaining high employee satisfaction are just a few of the difficulties within this industry. 

At LiftOne, we strive to resolve these potential on-the-job challenges with premium equipment and operational solutions. Our equipment selection holds the key to increasing your competitive advantage while successfully tackling a range of concerns. 


Metal fabrication is a vital sector that sustains workflows across industries such as automotive, construction and manufacturing. Any disruption in operations can have downstream negative effects. Therefore, the careful selection of the right equipment and material handling partner is crucial to ensure the safety and smooth operation of your fleet. 

Worker Safety

Space Constraints

The metal sector puts workers in challenging conditions. Implementing operator assist tools, utilizing high-performing material handling equipment built for operator safety and ensuring your team is up to date on training can help keep your team safe and reduce incidents.


  • Introduce routine training courses covering safety, technical skills and OSHA regulations to ensure workers are up to date on the industry's best practices.
  • Consider adding operator-assist technology that supports operator awareness, reinforces best practices, and helps reduce incidents and damages.
  • Choose explosion-proof equipment from Hyster® and Yale® that is ergonomically designed to protect operators and reduce musculoskeletal problems.

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Environmental Concerns
Labor Retention
Limited Budget

Material Handling Equipment Solutions for Metals

LiftOne offers access to an expansive inventory of high-performance equipment to tackle all your metal handling projects. Our collection consists of machinery produced by premier manufacturers like Hyster®, Yale® and Combilift, which are capable of optimizing efficiency while boosting operator safety. We stock an assortment of new, used and rental options for applications of all shapes and sizes. 

Explore our selection of material handling products and contact our team online to learn more about how they can strengthen your operations. Here's a look at some of the equipment we have in stock: 

  • Four-Wheel ICE Pneumatic Truck 
  • Four-Wheel Electric Trucks 
  • Pallet Trucks Powered by Lithium Ion
  • Big and Jumbo Trucks 
  • Explosion Proof Lift Trucks 
  • Combilift C-Series
  • Combilift SC
  • Combi-MG Mobile Gantry

Your Go-To Dealer for Metal Fabrication Applications

LiftOne is a family-owned dealer offering premium material handling equipment across North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Our many years in business have given our team the knowledge and skills to supply cutting-edge products and services that support your needs. We maintain a customer-focused operation, driving us to forge lasting relationships and become your trusted partner.


Reach Truck

Boost productivity by as much as 7% per reach truck/per shift while using 20% less energy than leading competitors.

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End Rider

End rider

Built with operator’s ergonomics and comfort in mind, shave seconds off tasks and save up to $150,000 in lifetime maintenance costs.

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Hyster Robotic Tow Tractor

Robotic lift trucks

Solve labor challenges, while reduce operating costs up to 70% by automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and precision.

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Hyster back left view of forklift


Let your operators be more productive than ever, whether in containers or loading docks, safely navigate your tightest spaces while delivering a highly energy efficient solution.

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aisle master

Combilift Ailse Master

Aisle Masters are fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard, to improve emissions and fuel economy whilst a specially designed engine bay cooling system ensures the effective running of the engine for maximum uptime and reliability.

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Multi-Level Order Selector

Multi-level order selector

Keep up with high SKU counts with new slotting strategies that help increase pick positions up to 400%, and slot capacity 140% within the same footprint.

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COMBI-CB Multi Directional Forklift

The diminutive stature combined with the forklift’s maneuverability makes the Combi-CB the perfect all-round forklift having the ability to transport a very diverse range of goods, from palletised loads to long length materials such as timber or steel beams.

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VNA Truck

VNA Trucks

Increase storage capacity and utilization with a forklift that can handle pallets up to 55 feet and pick cases up to 52 feet.

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The hardworking, versatile design of Combilift’s multi-directional range combines the advantages of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution with electric, diesel or lpg engines.

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Large Selection of Material Handling Equipment for All Applications

We offer a broad selection of new and used forklifts, including very narrow-aisle, electric, swing-mast and high-capacity versions. You'll also find other essential warehouse equipment such as tow tractors, order pickers, container handlers and reach trucks. With such a vast selection, you can get anything you need to ramp up your fleet and keep products moving throughout your facility.

Discover LiftOne's Value-Added Services

Partner with LiftOne and reap the rewards of their full-service material handling capabilities. We strive to be your one-stop shop, offering comprehensive solutions that address your widespread needs: 


Gather crucial equipment information using advanced technology to monitor daily workflows and identify potential improvement areas.

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Motive Power

Revolutionize your forklift's power with alternative energy solutions that create opportunities for higher throughput and boost efficiency.

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Equipment Rentals

Acquire reliable equipment rentals from our diverse fleet and take on short or seasonal projects with confidence.

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LiftOne Now

Request expert service, parts and equipment with the click of a button and receive real-time updates to keep downtime to a minimum.

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