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The rise in e-commerce sales has presented a series of challenges for warehousing operations of all types and sizes. These obstacles include having to store and move more, faster, while exceeding customer’s expectations. By rethinking your operating process, implementing new strategies and utilizing the right equipment, your organization can adapt and even gain a competitive edge. Your most daunting challenges can become your biggest opportunities. 


E-commerce and retail warehouses are challenged every day by consumer preferences and demands. They must find ways to control costs while delivering top-notch customer service. With warehouse space constraints due to escalating SKU counts, a large percent of online orders being sent back as returns, and labor challenges—businesses must adopt quickly.

Space Constraints

Space ConstraintsRising online sales require warehouses to create more space to accommodate the extra supply of goods and greater SKUs they must carry. How can you make the most of your existing footprint?


  • Go vertical and utilize extra space above your current racking to maximize your building’s capacity
  • Compress aisle widths and use narrow-aisle forklifts designed to maneuver in aisles as narrow as 56”
  • Implement inventory management systems to increase capacity and efficiency

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Customer Expectations
Logistical Challenges
Labor Shortages

Combilift Retail Solutions

Combilift offers a wide range of material handling products that successfully navigate narrow aisles in e-commerce and retail warehouses while always considering the safety of operators. That's why LiftOne recommends equipment solutions from Combilift for your e-commerce operations:

  • Aisle Master: The Aisle-Master is an articulated forklift that can navigate very narrow aisles as a comprehensive truck-to-rack solution.
  • Aisle Master-OP: The Aisle-Master OP is a narrow aisle articulated forklift and order picker combined. The operator stands on this electric-powered solution for a quick, convenient and safe workflow. 
  • Combi-WR/WR4: This award-winning model with a multiposition tiller is built for ergonomics and safety when moving down very narrow aisles. The pedestrian stacker takes the stress out of operating in confined spaces. 
  • Combi-CS: This counterbalance pedestrian stacker uses a multiposition tiller arm with full steering control to facilitate easy visibility and situational awareness for operators.

Combilift products are among the best in the industry because they combine safety features with efficiency while helping operations maximize storage space.

Promote Workplace Safety

Combilift cabs provide 360-degree visibility so your operators can always maintain situational awareness. Operators can maneuver the tiller left and right while staying at the side of the forklift. This position allows the operator to maintain full steering control and completely eliminates any risk of them being crushed or pinned while maneuvering the forklift through extremely tight spaces.

Double Your Warehouse Storage Space

By combining the functionality of multiple pieces of equipment into one, you can achieve up to two times more warehouse space without risking operator safety. When you handle products for retail and e-commerce delivery, you can save valuable warehouse space and reduce potential product damage by choosing Combilift solutions designed for carrying palletized goods and long loads.

Equipment Tailored for
e-Commerce and Retail Warehouse Solutions

LiftOne features a broad selection of innovative, high-performing material handling equipment from Hyster and Yale. Hyster and Yale products have been staples at warehouses and distribution centers due to their productivity, ease of use, safety and durability.


Reach Truck

Boost productivity by as much as 7% per reach truck/per shift while using 20% less energy than leading competitors.

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End Rider

End rider

Built with operator’s ergonomics and comfort in mind, shave seconds off tasks and save up to $150,000 in lifetime maintenance costs.

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Hyster Robotic Tow Tractor

Robotic lift trucks

Solve labor challenges, while reduce operating costs up to 70% by automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and precision.

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Hyster back left view of forklift


Let your operators be more productive than ever, whether in containers or loading docks, safely navigate your tightest spaces while delivering a highly energy efficient solution.

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aisle master

Combilift Ailse Master

Aisle Masters are fitted with a closed loop fuel system as standard, to improve emissions and fuel economy whilst a specially designed engine bay cooling system ensures the effective running of the engine for maximum uptime and reliability.

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Multi-Level Order Selector

Multi-level order selector

Keep up with high SKU counts with new slotting strategies that help increase pick positions up to 400%, and slot capacity 140% within the same footprint.

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COMBI-CB Multi Directional Forklift

The diminutive stature combined with the forklift’s maneuverability makes the Combi-CB the perfect all-round forklift having the ability to transport a very diverse range of goods, from palletised loads to long length materials such as timber or steel beams.

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VNA Truck

VNA Trucks

Increase storage capacity and utilization with a forklift that can handle pallets up to 55 feet and pick cases up to 52 feet.

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The hardworking, versatile design of Combilift’s multi-directional range combines the advantages of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution with electric, diesel or lpg engines.

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Large Selection of Material Handling Equipment for All Applications

We offer a broad selection of new and used forklifts, including very narrow-aisle, electric, swing-mast and high-capacity versions. You'll also find other essential warehouse equipment such as tow tractors, order pickers, container handlers and reach trucks. With such a vast selection, you can get anything you need to ramp up your fleet and keep products moving throughout your facility.

Take Advantage of Our Value-Added Services

When you partner with LiftOne, you get much more than superior material handling products. We provide a full range of services to maximize your fleet and operational throughput:


Provides you real-time data, providing a detailed look at your fleet's daily operations so you can pinpoint areas of inefficiency or misuse.

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Motive Power

Optimize your power at the source — Improve efficiency, reduce emissions, free up valuable work space all while maximizing profit margins.

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Equipment Rentals

Flexible rental options on a large and diverse fleet of material handling equipment, including forklifts, trailer spotters, railcar movers and more.

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LiftOne Now

Use our digital interface to request service, parts and equipment, get real-time updates on repairs and view and manage fleet asset details.

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