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Equipment Categories


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4×2 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

Ottawa 4×2 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

4×2 Off-Road Terminal Tractor

Ottawa 4×2 Off-Road Terminal Tractor

4×2 T2 Terminal Tractor

Ottawa 4×2 T2 Terminal Tractor

6×4 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

Ottawa 6×4 DOT/EPA Terminal Tractor

Industry-Leading Technology

Since 1958, Ottawa trailer spotters have been the gold standard for transporting cargo through warehouses and loading zones across North America. Now, with the T2 Terminal Tractor line, moving trailers around your facility is easier than ever. The Ottawa 4×2 off-road and T2 off-road terminal tractors offer up to 25mph road speed with superior control, while the Ottawa 6×4 terminal tractor offers 45 mph speeds with ABS and the most comfortable cab yet. Plus, Ottawa machines meet the new Tier 4 standards, which means more fuel efficiency and fewer emissions.