What is Motive Power Technology?

Not all forklift power solutions are the same. From traditional lead-acid and internal combustion engine power sources to advanced solutions including lithium-ion and hydrogen fuel cells – our team at LiftOne can help objectively evaluate your operational needs to determine which source will give you the best performance.

Today’s advanced motive power technology features power sources that can reduce downtime and last three times longer than traditional industrial batteries. Additionally, by implementing fuel-efficient material handling equipment you can reduce your facility's emissions and free-up valuable work space.

motive power

Value of This Technology

LiftOne's motive power solutions optimize your power at the source, improving efficiency. For example, lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells can revolutionize your forklift's power. Both options can last so long that they potentially could outlive the trucks they fuel.

Optimize your power source to:

  • Create opportunities for higher throughput
  • Slash operational costs without sacrificing performance
  • Maximize profit margins
  • Solve labor shortages and cut labor costs
  • Use workspaces more efficiently
  • Comply with your company's sustainability goals

Our sales team will help you navigate and choose the right power source, which includes considering the size of your fleet, the number of shifts that will use your equipment, utility prices, your space requirements and operator discipline.

why optimize your power?

Benefits of Motive Power for Your Fleet

Using the right power source has several advantages for your fleet -- faster daily operations, higher productivity and power, reduced emissions and less maintenance.

lithiumion battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consistent power delivery
  • Broad temperature range performance
  • Quick opportunity charging
hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

  • Consistent power delivery
  • Minimal facility footprint
  • Refuels as quickly as 3 minutes
  • Zero harmful emissions
lead acid battery

Lead Acid Battery

  • Low acquisition cost
  • Wide-ranging applications
  • Time-tested technology
internal combustion engine

Internal Combustion Engine

  • Exceptional durability
  • Consistent power delivery
  • No electrical grid dependency

Conventional lead-acid batteries take valuable time to refill and require frequent maintenance including watering and equalizing. Lithium-ion batteries drastically reduce battery charging time with quick opportunity charging. Additionally, lithium-ion requires minimal maintenance with a significantly longer lifecycle than lead-acid.

Operators enjoy having full power until the cell is empty. When a hydrogen fuel cell empties, you can refill it in just three minutes with a hydrogen fueling system. This system takes up little space in your facility. Plus, various fuel delivery configurations and on-site generation systems exist to meet your fuel needs.

Why Work With LiftOne?

At LiftOne, we offer a valuable partnership to each client to help you determine what you need. Select motive power through LiftOne for:

  • A wide range of solutions. We carry quality, fuel-efficient power solutions from a variety of brands and tailor solutions best for your operations.
  • Greater expertise. LiftOne associates are experienced and highly trained professionals. Our clients enjoy the best advice and services in the industry.
  • Streamlined services. Minimize downtime with maintenance from LiftOne technicians.

Contact LiftOne to Learn More

LiftOne forms a partnership with each of our clients. Our relationships are built on more than the quality of our products — we offer technical expertise and stellar service before, during and after you upgrade your fleet.

Connect with our team for more information about motive power solutions for long-lasting industrial equipment. Visit us in-person by finding a LiftOne location near you. You can also contact us by filling out our online form or calling 855.543.8663.