yellow hyster forklift with text that reads how to choose the right power source to increase forklift productivity

How to Choose the Right Power Source to Increase Forklift Productivity

Is it time to assess the power sources used by your forklift fleet? Forklifts can now be powered by an array of energy sources – from batteries to hydrotreated vegetable oil! According to recent industry data by ACS Omega, 69% of shipped forklifts are now electric, while a shrinking proportion – 31% – are powered by…

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avoid common forklift accidents

Common Forklift Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Without proper safety precautions, operator training or handling techniques, forklifts can be a hazard in your workplace. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 96,000 forklift accidents occur each year. Below are the three main causes of injuries related to forklifts and how you can address them: 1. Forklift Overturns One of the most…

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4 Ways Multi-Directional Forklifts Will Improve Your Warehouse Operations

Multi-directional forklifts allow movement in four directions letting your operators work with more flexibility in tight spaces. Their axles rotate completely and move the vehicle forward, backward or side-to-side. This added functionality provides a more comprehensive solution for many operational needs, especially those with confined, narrow aisle warehouse. Here are four benefits of a multi-directional…

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9 Ways to Minimize Warehouse Operating Costs

The costs for managing and operating a warehouse can include expenses for handling, maintaining your fleet, storage space, labor, operations, administrative costs and more. Though these costs will vary, all facilities are looking for ways to optimize their expenses. Learn more about how to manage your bottom line from the LiftOne team. 1. Set up…

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Ultimate Guide to Improving Safety in the Warehouse

Safe warehouse operations are a priority for many warehouse managers. Using industry-proven best practices helps prevent employee injuries, reduces downtime and increases productivity. Start improving safety in the warehouse by following our tips. Jump to Sections: Common Warehouse and Forklift Accidents How to Make Your Warehouse and Forklifts Safe LiftOne’s Safe Material Handling Solutions for…

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