benefits of forklift training

Benefits of Forklift Training

Your warehouse operators must be trained and certified to use forklifts per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition to this requirement, continual forklift training teaches your employees how to operator lift trucks safely, productively and helps reduce workplace accidents. Learning about the advantages of training helps you understand why it is so…

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How to Prevent Lift Truck Damage

Lift trucks are a necessary component for your warehouse to stay productive and meet your operational goals. However, when these essential pieces of equipment get damaged or go out from an unexpected breakdown it can cause a ripple effect into your operations. Minimizing the risk of damage to equipment, product and pallets will help save…

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Personal Protective Equipment: Assessment & Planning

No matter what industry you work in, having the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job and a plan in place to ensure it is used properly are critical components to keeping your employees safe. Read on to learn how to improve safety and cleanliness in the workplace through the use of PPE. Jump…

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New ANSI Standards: Everything You Need to Know About A92.22 & A92.24

Updates to ANSI standards and requirements for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, or MEWPs, originally scheduled to go in effect December 2019, has been pushed back until March 1, 2020. As your material handling equipment partner, our team at LiftOne is here to provide you with all the information you need to comply with the new…

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Warehouse Safety Begins with Forklift Training & Certification

If you’re the type of warehouse manager who spends most of their day on the job site, there’s no question that one of the biggest thoughts that crosses your mind is this: “Are we being fully OSHA compliant?” It’s an important question to ask, and can affect everything from basic tasks to long-term jobs. For…

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LiftOne honored with the Hyster Dealer of Distinction Award

February 10, 2015 – LiftOne has received the Hyster Dealer of Distinction title. The Hyster Dealer of Distinction Program recognizes dealers with focused leadership who have driven their companies to the highest level of performance in all functional areas of the business each year. Annually, the Dealer Principals that make this commitment to quality and superior performance elevate their…

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