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A 360° View Of Your Fleet

Fleet Consulting Services

What are the monthly costs of maintaining your fleet? How can you better schedule your equipment's downtime? How can you optimize your fleet's utilization more effectively? As a warehouse or operations manager, we understand you have many questions around your fleet and how to maximize your operations.

Fleet Assurance enables a forward-thinking partnership with LiftOne through the transparent delivery of work order data, asset utilization and related invoices with your material handling vendor.

Using business intelligence dashboarding, we transform your fleet details into visualized insights, providing data-backed recommendations that may enhance productivity and help reduce the total cost of ownership.

With Fleet Assurance, you'll get a better understanding of:

Asset hour meter readings

Asset's cost per hour

Month-over-month spend analysis

Maintenance and repair trends

Scheduled vs unscheduled downtime

Fleet utilization levels

Dynamic reporting on your fleet with actionable insights

Insights360 is a comprehensive report giving you a holistic view of your fleet's data. This paired with a consultative review with your LiftOne Fleet Assurance team, empowers you to make proactive decisions, addressing your day-to-day business challenges and helping you meet your KPIs.



Dynamic visual reports that reveal trends within your fleet and deliver valuable insights into your assets’ utilization and maintenance history.

With Insights360, you get a comprehensive understanding of your scheduled and unscheduled repair downtime, detailed breakdown of your total expenses and repairs, a break-even analysis and more.

Asset 2@2x

Consultative Solutions

Our Fleet Assurance team will partner with you to provide a thorough summary of your Insights360 reports and collaborate with you to make proactive decisions aimed at addressing your business challenges.

We will focus on solutions that optimize your fleet size, enhance fleet rotation and streamline your aftermarket requirements, enabling you to make more informed budget decisions.

Our Process - A Trusted Partner Approach

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance machine performance or explore maintenance plans, we are ready to collaborate with you. Our process involves understanding your fleet's data, coupled with our team of industry experts to provide tailored recommendations.



We seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem to get data on your fleet, through manual inputs, telemetry or existing invoicing information.



Our Fleet Assurance team combines industry experience, analytical skills and data insights to prepare your business intelligence dashboard, Insights360.



We will review your Insight360 report with your team to provide a thorough review on your Insights360 reports and find solutions across your fleet.

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