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CTE Recognized as a US Best Managed Company

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 13 — CTE is proud to announce it has been selected as a 2021 US Best Managed Company. Sponsored by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, the program recognizes outstanding U.S. private companies and the achievements of their management teams. The 2021 designees are U.S. private companies that have demonstrated excellence…

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Hyster Forklift in the Summer

Preparing Your Forklift for Summer

Summer is officially on its way, and while you may love the warmer weather, unfortunately forklifts do not. The humid summer heat can cause problems for forklifts, and when left unchecked, these problems can result in high repair bills and significant downtime. Knowing how to protect your forklift from harsh environments may seem like a…

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How to Reduce Forklift Downtime

If you want to make the most of its capabilities, you need to keep your forklift operational every day. A forklift can deliver optimal performance for years to come if you take the proper preventive measures. Our tips and insights will help you reduce forklift downtime and maximize operational efficiency. What Is Forklift Downtime? Forklift downtime is…

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The Ultimate Aerial Lift Safety Guide

If your facility uses mobile elevated work platforms, implementing aerial platform safety protocols is vital to keeping operators and other employees safe. Misuse can lead to inefficiency, downtime, damaged items and personal injuries. At LiftOne, we want to help you establish a workplace culture dedicated to safety. This guide will cover the importance of aerial…

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worker driving tow tractor through warehouse

Do Your Warehouse Operations Need a Tow Tractor?

You need an exceptional amount of power and strength to maintain operational efficiency in warehouse applications. Many warehousing industry leaders expedite their operations with the help of tow tractors and burden carriers. So just what is a tow tractor? How can this piece of equipment benefit your business? What Is a Tow Tractor? The definition…

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Aerial Lift Maintenance Guide

Knowing how to care for your industrial aerial lifts properly is essential. With a boom lift safety checklist, you can keep all your operations in order and ensure a smooth performance. This aerial lift maintenance guide will provide all the information you need to stay safe and aware. Aerial Lift Maintenance Tips Before you can use…

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Should You Rent, Lease or Buy a Forklift?

The cost of equipment is one of the more expensive parts of running an industrial operation. Forklifts aren’t cheap — but fortunately, buying isn’t your only option. So how do you know when to buy vs. rent or lease a forklift? Each option has its advantages and drawbacks and may work better for some businesses than others. Buying a…

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CTE President and CEO Ed Weisiger Jr. Featured by The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine recently featured CTE President and CEO Ed Weisiger Jr on his executive journey and the rich history of CTE and associated brands. In the article, Mr. Weisiger reflects on CTE’s past accomplishments and hopes for the future, giving a humble nod to those who came before him and the intent to leave…

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How Seasonal Rentals Can Benefit Your Operations

Some businesses are more active and profitable at certain times of the year — think of a retailer that makes a large percentage of its sales during the Christmas holiday.  If you operate a warehouse or fulfillment center that distributes products to seasonal or cyclical businesses, your equipment demands probably vary throughout the year. This…

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The Types and Applications of Forklift Attachments

When is a forklift more than a forklift? When it has attachments. Attachments allow your forklift to become more efficient and versatile with handling unique material handling products. An attachment can enable a lift truck to push, pull, clamp, lift, side shift and rotate any load imaginable. Let’s take a closer look at selecting a…

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6 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Rent vs. Buy Industrial Equipment

Choosing to buy or rent a piece of heavy machinery is a big decision. If you’re debating between the two, you can do yourself a favor by asking the right questions. But first, let’s go over some basics. 

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7 Best Tips for Effective Fleet Management

Managing a fleet involves a lot of moving parts. You need to constantly compare the changing conditions of your operational needs, the evolving landscape of the industry and the equipment required to support the goals of your business. By engaging in a total fleet management initiative, you can find significant improvements to your overall operation. 

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