Is it better to rent equipment or buy what you need? Determining the best answer to this question can be challenging if your business depends on mobile elevated work platforms like scissor lifts and boom lifts.

You want to ensure the equipment meets your job site requirements and allows you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The short- and long-term cost is also important for keeping the acquisition within your company's budget. And safety is always a concern for any operation that requires working at heights.

Pros of Renting Equipment

Renting aerial platforms provides an excellent solution for building out your fleet in a variety of situations. Choosing to rent can be beneficial in crucial areas of your business.

1. Cost Savings

If you decide to go with the option of renting, it presents a more cost-effective plan for your business. Producing a large sum for a down payment upfront won't be a main concern, which ultimately helps your cash flow and allows for flexibility in your budget. Additionally, you can avoid a lengthy commitment from a financing arrangement that could last several years.

Equipment service is another way you will be able to save money when renting. In most cases, the rental company covers any repair and maintenance costs during the rental term. This significantly reduces your operating expenses and helps your bottom line.

2. Increased Fleet Flexibility

You probably don't need every type of aerial lift platform for each job, especially if your company primarily takes on small-scale or specialized tasks. Renting enables businesses to select the right equipment for the job, without being tied down to a specific piece of equipment that may not be versatile for all tasks.

You'll be able to control the size of your fleet as the demand changes, allowing you to avoid storage costs. You'll also find it easier to match lift platforms with specific job site tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.

3. Try Before You Buy

Maybe you've had your eye on a scissor lift or boom lift and you're considering adding it to your fleet. The rental process allows you to take it for a risk-free test drive to ensure the equipment is the right fit for your business. Rent it for a few days, a week or however long it takes to make an informed judgment. An equipment trial can prevent you from making a substantial investment in a model that falls short of your expectations.

4. Ability to Make Fast Replacements

A broken-down or malfunctioning aerial platform could bring your operations to a standstill. Renting enables you to quickly get the right equipment in order to keep the job moving forward. Many reputable, service-oriented rental companies offer same-day delivery to minimize unproductive downtime.

5. Access to Newer Equipment

Material handling equipment technology continues to evolve. The latest aerial platforms include advanced technologies that allow you to rapidly and efficiently complete jobs. LiftOne Rents provides a broad selection of late-model equipment that will significantly improve your job site performance.

Another advantage of renting newer equipment is optimal reliability — due to rental units getting frequent inspections, you'll have fewer concerns about mechanical failures putting you behind schedule. The superior service and preventive maintenance practices implemented by a reputable rental solutions provider will give you more peace of mind.

6. No Depreciation Concerns

A brand-new piece of equipment begins to depreciate as soon as it leaves the dealer's lot. The longer you own it, the less value it will provide when the time comes to trade or sell it. Servicing the truck as it ages is an additional concern regarding the overall value.

When you rent with LiftOne, you have access to the latest and most advance equipment, which can ultimately save time and improve efficiency on the job site. You won't have to worry about keeping up with competitors when you have access to the latest aerial lift models.

7. Fewer Logistical Hassles

Many businesses can't spare the labor resources required to transport equipment to and from a job site. Aa a customer-focused rental provider, we will ensure your work platform gets to the location on time, allowing you to assign your personnel to more productive tasks.

Additionally, you won't need to find storage space for it at your facility. Aerial lift equipment takes up a lot of space and storage costs can add up. You can avoid these costs and only use the equipment when you need it when choosing to rent.

LiftOne Rents Can Help You Decide Whether to Rent or Buy Lift Equipment

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