Updates to ANSI standards and requirements for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, or MEWPs, originally scheduled to go in effect December 2019, has been pushed back until March 1, 2020. As your material handling equipment partner, our team at LiftOne is here to provide you with all the information you need to comply with the new ANSI A92.22 and A92.24 standards.

Who Do the New Standards Impact?

The ANSI A92 standards have always applied to manufacturers, dealers, owners, users, and operators. Basically, anyone who has any contact with MEWPs, including vertical and boom lifts, should be aware of these standards and comply with the regulations. The updated version of the A92 standard is focused especially on the responsibilities of the user or employer.

What Are the New Requirements?

1.A risk assessment

All users of MEWPs are required to identify hazards on site, evaluate potential risks, establish control measures, and communicate the findings to all employees and affected parties.

2.A rescue plan

Users or employers must have a documented rescue plan in place in the event an operator becomes injured or incapacitated during operation. This plan should include detailed steps for what should occur if there is a fall, if the platform becomes entangled, or if the machine fails. The rescue plan should be added to the training manual and all employees that work on or near MEWPs must be made aware of the rescue plan.

3.Training for occupants and supervisors

Under the previous A92 standard, only operators were required to undergo safety training. The updated ANSI standard now requires anyone on a MEWP platform, even if they aren’t the operator, and anyone who supervises MEWP operators to also undergo safety training and be informed about the equipment and its operation.

Is Re-certification Required?

Anyone who was previously certified under the old ANSI A92 standards for MEWPs will need to go through training and certification again.

LiftOne is currently offering two types of training programs to help get your team up to speed on the new safety requirements for MEWPs including pre-use inspection, operation, and proper shutdown training. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive operator training program customized for your business or sign up for our OSHA-recognized “Train the Trainer” classes where we will teach someone on your staff how to conduct on-site training for your employees.



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