If you're the type of warehouse manager who spends most of their day on the job site, there's no question that one of the biggest thoughts that crosses your mind is this: "Are we being fully OSHA compliant?" It's an important question to ask, and can affect everything from basic tasks to long-term jobs. For forklifts in particular, it's important to know and understand what OSHA expects for those working within their guidelines.

OSHA Regulations

The standards set by OSHA forklift certification — and their regulations in general — can be tough to meet, but they don't come without merit. Among their regulations on any job where forklifts are being operated are guidelines for loading and unloading, how to work with hazardous materials and regular vehicle maintenance. The entire list is long, but worth a read. Visit this page and this second one for in-depth information on OSHA's specific requirements and their recommendations for continued OSHA forklift training.

Luckily, we at LiftOne offer courses that will not only help you apply and better understand OSHA's standards at your work, but are also able to be crafted to individually fit your business and the equipment you use most often. We'll set you and your workforce up with forklift training and forklift certification courses to make passing your next OSHA inspection a breeze.

Training With LiftOne

At LiftOne, we provide both operation training sessions and "train the trainer" classes (more information provided on this below). We understand better than most that without the proper training (both for forklift operator and technical training needs), that even the best equipment and most skilled workers can fall short of OSHA's expectations. All our courses are personalized, and designed to fit the unique aspects of your facility to make sure we leave a lasting and meaningful impression. Below is a list of what each type of forklift training and certification course includes.

Forklift Operator Training

  • Learn ways to boost productivity
  • Reduce repair costs associated with faulty operations
  • Increase safety for your entire facility
  • Fully training operators on each piece of equipment you own
  • Courses scaled for a single employee, or the entire staff

Technical Training

  • Comprehensive training offered on all equipment types
  • Dedicated Technical Trainers to keep up with the latest updates in equipment and regulations
  • Customizable training programs to meet individual requirements

Train The Trainer

Looking to certify your forklift operators, too? Our Train the Trainer course does exactly that. It's a two-day OSHA-approved course that teaches you everything from OSHA regulations, ITDSF standards, OSHA interpretations and a stability model to help you continue these practices far beyond the course's end.

For additional information on what you can do to prepare yourself for your next OSHA inspection, contact the equipment experts at LiftOne.


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