Equipment Categories


Equipment Categories


Fuel Type

Lower Height

Lift Height



Taylor Dunn C-420

C-426 AC

Taylor Dunn C-426 AC

E-455 GT

Taylor Dunn E-455 GT

MT-160 24V

Motrec MT-160 24V

MT-180 36V

Motrec MT-180 36V

MT-180 48V

Motrec MT-180 48V

MT-210 36V

Motrec MT-210 36V

MT-210 48V

Motrec MT-210 48V

MT-280 36V

Motrec MT-280 36V

MT-280 36V HD

Motrec MT-280 36V HD

MT-280 36V SD

Motrec MT-280 36V SD

MT-290 24V Narrow

Motrec MT-290 24V Narrow

In addition to industrial vehicles, LiftOne also carries a wide range of other new, used, and rental equipment for all your material handling needs. Our highly trained team of experts is ready to assist, whether you need maintenanceparts, or training. Visit any of our full-service dealership locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee to learn more.