With the proper training program in place, you can rest assured OSHA reporting requirements, general liability, and the safety of your employees have been addressed by professionals. Contact the LiftOne Training Department today to learn about our training programs for operators and technicians.

LiftOne's Training Programs

  • Operator & Technical Training
  • Meets OSHA Requirements
  • Training on All Brands
  • Customized for Your Business

Technical Training


Mon-Sat 7AM - 5PM

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Forklift operator training

Training Opportunities

The Training Department at LiftOne understands that without the proper operator and technical training even a perfect piece of material handling equipment will fall short of your expectations. LiftOne's personalized training courses are designed around your facility's specific equipment while meeting all OSHA standards.

  • Forklift
  • RailCar Mover
  • Trailer Spotter
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Skid Steer

Operator Training

Boost productivity, reduce repair costs, and increase facility safety by making sure every one of your operators is fully trained on the equipment you own. LiftOne offers courses scaled from a single employee to your entire staff.

Technical Training

LiftOne is committed to offering comprehensive training on all brands of equipment that we represent. Please contact our Training Department for specific training needs, like electrical and hydraulic diagnostics or technical classes on a variety of our lift trucks.

Train the Trainer

Does your organization need certified forklift operators?

In addition to operator training, LiftOne also offers “Train the Trainer” classes that will let you or your employees offer your own on-site operator training.

In an OSHA-recognized class, you will learn everything you need to complete standard Operator Training. Attendees will also receive all presentation materials, notes, citations, references and many other resources for hosting future classes.

Upcoming Sessions

2020 Dates LiftOne Location
Mar 31 - Apr 1Charlotte NC
Mar 31 - Apr 1Savannah GA

Class Covers/Includes

  • OSHA Regulations
  • ITDSF Standards
  • Trainer Manual Provided
  • Select OSHA Interpretations
  • Stability Model
  • Customer Training Catalogue

    Please find LiftOne's course offerings here

  • Customer Training Scheduling Process

    Find information regarding how to schedule a training with LiftOne here

  • Questions?

    Contact LiftOne Training at 877-512-6082 or email

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