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  • Nov 19 2019

    When to Replace Your Forklift Tires

    Staying on top of replacing your forklift tires when you need to will not only make your work environment safer for your staff, but will also prevent costly damage to equipment and products. Read our guide to learn about when you should replace your forklift tires here.

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  • Jul 01 2019

    Should You Repair or Replace Your Forklift Battery?

    Forklift giving you trouble? Learn how to troubleshoot if it's your forklift battery here.

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  • Jun 03 2019

    Forklifts vs. Pallet Jacks: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Business

    Both pallet jacks and forklifts are used to safely lift and haul pallets, but they differ in several ways. It’s important to understand the difference so you can decide which option is the most cost-effective choice for your business.

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  • Apr 09 2019

    LiftOne Recognized as a 2018 Dealer of Distinction by Hyster Company

    LiftOne is honored to be named a 2018 Dealer of Distinction from Hyster Company for the seventh consecutive year, in recognition of their performance in sales and service excellence. 

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  • Feb 17 2017

    What to Look Out For When Buying A Used Forklift

    The forklift experts at LiftOne have put together a basic set of guidelines to follow when inspecting used forklifts for sale. Below you’ll find sound advice for buying used forklifts in Charlotte, NC—or anywhere else for that matter. Our aim is to help you purchase a quality forklift that will last, and prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs on forklift maintenance or replacement in the future.

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  • Feb 14 2017

    5 Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Material Handling Supplier

    Material Handling is so much more than buying a forklift. It’s the lifeblood of any facility or operation that relies on the ability to move and transport just about anything. Think about this: “Almost everything in your life, both at work and at home, at some point was moved by a lift truck”. It’s connecting the world with the things they need in every aspect of their lives. So when your business is considering a material handling supplier, there are a variety of factors that should be considered…and it shouldn’t just be about the bottom dollar.

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  • Oct 27 2016

    Eliminate Danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Electric Forklifts

    Not all worksites are created equal. While many of the machines we offer here at LiftOne are meant for outdoor work, forklifts in particular are often utilized indoors as well. This includes, but is not limited to, factories, warehouses, and other jobs that deal with major indoor storage and shelving systems. These are jobs that involve not only hundreds of other pieces of equipment, but also other people as well. Because of this, there are certain types of forklifts, like electric forklifts from Hyster or Yale that will serve you far better in an indoor working environment. 

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  • Oct 04 2016

    Behind the Wrench: Everything You Need to Know About Forklift Replacement Parts

    As with any type of machinery, eventually there'll come a time when replacement parts are needed. Forklifts are no different, and knowing which parts need replacing, where to find said parts, and how to best utilize them, is crucial in keeping up your most important piece of equipment. LiftOne offers a wide selection of parts for all of the manufacturers we carry, as well as, an expert team of mechanics ready to answer any of your questions about parts or service.

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