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Equipment Categories


Fuel Type

Lower Height

Lift Height


FS030BF, OS030BF, OS030EF, SS030BF

Yale FS030BF, OS030BF, OS030EF, SS030BF

J2 JOEY Low Level Order Picker

Big Joe J2 JOEY Low Level Order Picker

J2 JOEY Mid Level Order Picker

Big Joe J2 JOEY Mid Level Order Picker


Hyster LO55-80

R30XMF3, R30XM3, R30XMA3, R30XMS3

Hyster R30XMF3, R30XM3, R30XMA3, R30XMS3

The Best Names in Material Handling

Since the 1920’s, Hyster and Yale have been premier names in the United States forklift manufacturing industry. Now, with innovations like the Yale iSi Technology and Hyster’s Whole Body Vibration control, moving materials around your warehouse is more comfortable and efficient than ever.

Full-Service Solutions for Your Fleet

When you need a forklift that works every time, partner with a material handling equipment provider that you can trust. At LiftOne, we offer excellent service to all of our customers, no matter if you have one lift truck or two hundred. Our parts and maintenance department is among the best in the industry at keeping your Hyster or Yale forklift performing well for years. Plus, with our rental fleet of late model Hyster and Yale lift trucks, you are always assured the great equipment you need when you need it.