Replacing forklift tires often gets put off much longer than it should. While some maintenance or repair tasks prevent your forklift from running, forklift tires in less than ideal condition pose significant risks to operators and equipment. Continuing to run your equipment on tires that need to be replaced can cause costly damage to your forklift, forks, chains or mast; create stability and safety risks; and increase operator fatigue. Read on to learn when to replace your forklift tires.

When to Replace Forklift Tires

In addition to checking the fluid levels, battery, and the condition of your hoses, belts and chains, checking your forklift tires should be a part of your daily pre-use inspection. Look closely for the following:

1. Tires worn to the wear line
Many forklift tires have a wear line or a safety line marked on the tire. Over time, with normal use, the rubber on tires will wear down. When you notice your forklift tires are getting close to this line, it’s a good idea to contact your dealer to order new tires.

2. Chunking, tearing, or cracking

Any chunking, tearing, or cracking discovered during your visual inspection indicates an immediate need for replacement. Tires showing this type of damage are unsafe to use and the lift truck should not be operated until the affected tire or tires have been replaced.

3. Flat spots or uneven wear

Flat spots or uneven wear on your forklift tires often indicate that sharp turns have repeatedly been taken under heavy load or aggressive braking. Forklift tires with flat spots or uneven wear should be replaced and the operators should receive operator safety training.

4. Repeat low tire pressure for pneumatic tires

Under inflated pneumatic tires puts your forklift in an unstable position. Low tire pressure on pneumatic tires is typically not an issue that requires tire replacement, but if after reinflation you continue to see low readings, you may have a leak that requires repair or replacement.

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