For material handling dealers, being an MVP Distributor with Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is akin to winning an Oscar in customer relations. As the trade association devoted to material handling dealers, MHEDA sets the bar for what a material handling dealership should look like. In publishing benchmarks for performance and best practices, MHEDA introduces innovative ideas for material handling dealers to implement all across the country.

As you can imagine, becoming an MVP distributor with MHEDA is no easy task.

You need to have an incredibly loyal customer base who will attest to your superb performance as a well-rounded dealership. You’ll also need rock solid partnerships with your suppliers.  The only way to really do this—to strengthen these customer and vendor bonds is through phenomenal people giving phenomenal service like the dedicated and hard-working folks at LiftOne, who care about their customers and about each other.

Being named MVP in 2016 is a badge of honor for LiftOne, and we display it proudly. It gives us credibility with new customers and a sense of pride for our hardworking staff. We wear the distinction humbly, too, because we understand how much of an honor it is—but one we always need to uphold and maintain with care.

MHEDA also offers us an opportunity to contribute to the material handling industry. Through MHEDA, LiftOne promotes our workplace as having good healthy engagement with our customers. We deliver important services to the general economy and help maintain the lines of commerce that drive our country and our communities.

The material handling industry is the backbone of our economy—without it nothing moves.

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