Creating an efficient and well-organized food distribution and cold storage facility requires working with a material handling partner that knows your unique industry challenges. From the obstacles of growing consumer demands to increased safety regulations finding the right equipment to move, control and protect the flow of products in a warehouse setting is critical.

The specialists at LiftOne material handling and warehouse solutions have put together this guide to walk you through finding the ideal equipment for your facility. We've also addressed common challenges and how you can break through these hurdles to achieve maximum productivity.

Key Food Storage Warehouse Equipment

Cold storage is a complex application for material handling equipment due to the need to transport perishable foods from deep-freeze to refrigerated areas. A food storage and distribution warehouse needs top-tier equipment for speed and accuracy to protect the product from temperature changes. LiftOne has a suite of equipment solutions that can meet cold storage warehouse management needs:

  • Reach truckSingle and double reach forklifts are a perfect solution for transporting cold storage cargo weighing between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. This equipment also comes with a 0 degree Fahrenheit cooler package and a minus 40 degree Fahrenheit SubZero package.
  • Four-wheel electric trucksThe four-wheel electric truck is an energy-efficient solution for navigating tight loading docks safely.
  • End riderThe end rider is an efficient tool to speed up your picking process and can come with the cooler and SubZero packages.
  • Three-wheel stand-upThe three-wheel stand-up truck comes with internal combustion and electric options as well as the SubZero and cooler packages for cold storage.
  • Multi-level order selector: The multi-level order selector is the ideal pick for cross-docking, first- and second-level order picking and load shuttling. It also comes with a minus 22 degree Fahrenheit cold storage package.
  • Robotic lift truckThe robotic lift truck is an automation tool that can save you up to 70% on repetitive operating tasks performed by humans.

Overcoming Common Food Distribution Challenges With Material Handling Equipment

Food distribution offers unique challenges for warehouse managers and material handling equipment. Every obstacle you face has a solution based on the tested experience of material handling supply experts:

  • Cold protection: When material handling equipment abruptly moves from cold to warm environments, condensation can build within the components and cause serious damage to the electronics. With a built-in cold package, forklifts have specialized technology like thermostatically controlled heaters to protect your investment.
  • Enhanced controls: Most traditional forklifts can be difficult to drive when wearing thick gloves for entering cold storage. High-quality equipment from brands like Hyster and Yale have ergonomically designed controls that are easy to grip even when wearing thermal protection gear.
  • Food Safety: Protecting product from contamination and following strict safety regulations is critical for your operations. Using food grade lubricants that are non-toxic and USDA inspection ready, as well as lithium-ion batteries that reduce fumes and spills, are excellent options to reduce contamination and product recalls.
  • Minimized cold zone staffing needs: It takes extra time, care and attention for humans to move in and out of cold storage areas. Robotic equipment can perform their tasks without needing the same special considerations.

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