As with any type of machinery, eventually there’ll come a time when replacement parts are needed. Forklifts are no different, and knowing which parts need replacing, where to find said parts, and how to best utilize them, is crucial in keeping up your most important piece of equipment. LiftOne offers a wide selection of parts for all of the manufacturers we carry, as well as, an expert team of mechanics ready to answer any of your questions about parts or service.

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Here are the answer to a few of the most commonly asked questions:


Are Forklift Brand Parts Interchangeable?

Yes — we offer an aftermarket parts program which offers replacement parts for a wide variety of lift trucks. For many of our forklift brands, parts can be used interchangeably. That means your Sellick parts will work just fine with your Unisource forklift parts.​ The one major exception is with our Hyster forklifts. Here at LiftOne, we recommend sticking with OEM parts on Hyster brand lift trucks. If there is a part we don’t have in stock, we have access to competitive truck parts available as quickly as the next day.

Spare Parts

Can You Use Parts From an Old Forklift?

Technically, yes, but we don’t always recommend it — Anything over seven years old runs the risk of breaking down, so your best option here is to consult an expert at LiftOne, as some unused or retired forklifts can aid in returning equipment to service quicker. Some parts, however, are not interchangeable on newer units.

Used Parts

Does LiftOne Rebuild or Refurbish Parts For Repairs?

Yes — LiftOne works closely with several rebuilders, both local and national, and several branches will rebuild transmissions in house. Each major rebuilder carries a warranty, varying from 90 days (local) up to a year.


Do New Parts Come With a Warranty?

They should — Hyster new parts carry a six month warranty for defects and workmanship. Our Aftermarket parts carry up to one year warranty. In house rebuilds carry the 6 months parts warranty and labor is 90 days. This is important: check the fine print on warranties and make sure all parts have passed the proper tests for safe use.

Other Considerations

There are a number of other things to keep in mind about replacement forklift parts.

  • Price — We understand how important cost is, and can often be the difference in whether or not you buy Hyster, Sellick forklift parts, or another brand. What’s important is to take into account the source of the parts and the quality each manufacturer has.
  • Delivery — Is your replace part available when you need it? Are there any freight or shipping charges? If possible, choose a supplier who can provide you with the right part, as soon as possible.
  • Research — And this is why we’re here. Don’t assume there’s just one option when it comes to parts, or one place to go for your forklift needs. Above all, we want to help you find the right part to help you get your job done in the best, and most efficient way possible. Do your research, because cheapest does not always mean best, neither does expensive.
  • Timing —​ Some jobs make sense to do together. Have your mechanic inspect the parts around the broken part to see if they are showing signs of wear. It could save you from downtime and added labor costs to fix it now rather than having to bring your forklift back in 3 months from now.

We’re always happy to answer any of your questions and share our knowledge about the equipment and parts we carry. Stop by any of our LiftOne locations any time to speak with a parts specialist.


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