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In many ways, having a reliable material handling provider can sometimes be just as valuable as the equipment in your fleet. A dedicated single solutions dealer makes sure you have the right-sized fleet for your warehouse shifts, provides the service needed to keep your fleet running and offers you the financial flexibility you need for your budget. At LiftOne, we offer all those services to our customers plus much more.

What Is a Single Solutions Provider?

A single solutions material handling provider offers you all the services you need to perform your company’s operation cost-effectively and efficiently. These services run the entire gamut of everything that applies to your warehouse. The first step is knowing that you can trust your provider for advice and insight. 

An all-in-one fleet management provider offers everything from product knowledge to repair advice to recommendations on warehouse efficiency. By having an established relationship, you gain simplified communication, ease of payables and a level of trust that results in top-notch customer treatment with quick answers and superior servicing. Many companies often take these benefits for granted until a breakdown occurs and a significant amount of downtime results. 

Advantages of Partnering With Single Solutions Providers

Among the benefits of having a single solutions provider like LiftOne are:

  1. Expert advice: By having a provider with extensive equipment knowledge, you know you’ll be receiving the best possible advice and insight.
  2. Comprehensive inventory: When your provider’s equipment stock is diverse and extensive, you can find what you need quickly to maximize your uptime.
  3. Superior repair and maintenance services: Highly skilled technicians help minimize downtime and prevent future problems, and they have access to a complete inventory of reliable, factory-recommended parts.
  4. Flexible financing and rental options: Flexible financing helps the cash flow of budget-conscious companies. Rental options allow you to secure the equipment you need with no long-term investment so you can focus on your business.
  5. Advice on safety and other warehouse solutions: A knowledgeable provider can offer advice on the most effective safety solutions while helping to improve the logistics of your facility.
  6. Competitive pricing: Knowing your lift dealer provides fair and competitive pricing means there’s no need to shop around for other services.
  7. Asset protection: A trustworthy provider will deliver equipment that comes with warranties and assurance services to protect your investment over the long haul.

Considering LiftOne as Your Single Solutions Warehouse Provider 

For nearly an entire century, LiftOne has been the leading fleet management solutions provider in the Southeast. We have 18 locations throughout the region that offer a wide range of high-quality equipment and superior service. To learn more about how we can help optimize your company’s forklift fleet by serving as your full-service materials handling dealership, contact us today


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