Some businesses are more active and profitable at certain times of the year — think of a retailer that makes a large percentage of its sales during the Christmas holiday. 

If you operate a warehouse or fulfillment center that distributes products to seasonal or cyclical businesses, your equipment demands probably vary throughout the year. This fluctuation makes it challenging to ensure you have enough forklifts and other material handling equipment at peak times and aren’t carrying an excessive inventory during slower periods.

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Benefits of Seasonal Fleet Rentals

Is it worth renting equipment in peak seasons? For many distribution operations, seasonal rentals provide a practical, cost-effective solution for meeting demands. Through strategic renting, you can maximize your facility’s capacity and efficiency throughout the year.

Specific seasonal rental advantages include:

  • Greater flexibility and adaptability: Due to the short lead times for acquiring rentals, you get the flexibility to ramp up your fleet quickly as demand increases and adapt to workflow changes as the season progresses. You don’t have to worry about not having enough or the right equipment to get the job done.
  • More efficient utilization: Forklifts and other material handling equipment that sits around unused during slow periods takes up valuable storage space and creates an additional business expense. When you rent, you can avoid this scenario by returning the equipment at the end of your peak season.
  • Lower, more predictable costs: From a budgeting and planning perspective, renting can help you save money. You’ll know exactly how much the equipment costs upfront, and you’ll avoid additional expenses that come with factors such as financing, repairs and maintenance. You’ll experience more financial freedom and flexibility and find it easier to keep expenditures in line with your business objectives. 
  • More operating capital: Renting does not require any upfront or long-term commitment. You’ll have more capital available throughout the year to allocate to other areas of your operation, and you’ll avoid tying up substantial funds in material handling equipment.
  • Risk-free experimentation: Perhaps you need to change your warehousing layout to accommodate a higher seasonal volume. Renting enables you to test several types of equipment with no risk or obligation. You can determine which pieces are a good fit as you prepare to implement your new operating processes.

Why Choose LiftOne Rents for Your Seasonal Equipment Needs?

LiftOne Rents is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality material handling equipment for rent in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. We feature the following types of equipment from leading manufacturers like Hyster, Yale, Ottawa, Rail King and JLG:

When you rent from us, you get a choice of more than 3,000 forklifts and other equipment in various sizes, configurations, lift capacities and fuel sources. We also offer affordable seasonal rates and flexible terms. If you’d like to own your rental at some point, our rental purchase option (RPO) enables you to build equity over the rental period. 

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