SLT30AC / SLT35AC Drexel


“Drexel SwingMast® Rear Wheel Drive/Steer VNA Warehouse Forklift The Drexel model SLT30AC and SLT35AC work in aisles as narrow as 56″” (1.4M), have a basic capacity of 3,000 lbs. (1363kg) or 3,500 lbs. (1590kg) at 24″” (600mm) load center and lift heights available to 26′ (7.92M).
The SLT30AC and SLT35AC are 3-wheel front/side loading VNA forklifts with a single smooth rubber rear-drive/steer tire and solid poly-front load tires. The front mast rotates 90° and has side shift of 20 (500mm), allowing stacking easily in Very Narrow Aisles. Both models can work inside and outside on paved surfaces, can perform the jobs of a normal front loading forklift (including loading and unloading highway trucks and containers, working in bulk storage, drive in rack, push back rack, double deep and climbing steep ramps). The SLT range does the jobs of reach and counterbalanced trucks in aisles over 50% smaller. The rear steering and drive allow turning in short-cross aisles further increasing the storage density when compared to counterbalanced trucks. ”


“Exceptional Design and Engineering

  • 3,000 lb. (1363kg) and 3,500 lb. (1590kg) Capacity at 24″” (600mm) Load Center
  • Three-Wheel Design, Single Rear-Wheel Drive and Steering Provide Excellent Maneuverability and Traction
  • Ergonomic Design for Exceptional Operator Comfort and Safety
  • Single Joystick Controls Hydraulic Functions, Directional Control, Horn and Wire Guidance
  • Electronic Steering Provides Smooth, Reliable, Long-Lasting Steering Control
  • The Adjustable Swivel Seat Improves Operator Comfort while Traveling in Reverse
  • An Electro/Mechanical Parking Brake is Automatically Applied When Power is Turned Off or the Operator Leaves the Seat
  • High Visibility Mast Allows Optimum Safety and View of Loads and Forks