B3/30AC Bendi


“Bendi Front Wheel Drive Articulating VNA Warehouse Forklift The Bendi model B3/30AC works in aisles as narrow as 72″” (1.8M), has a basic capacity of 3,000 lbs. (1363kg) at 24″” (600mm) load center and has lift heights available to 30′ (9.14M).
The Bendi B3/30AC is a 3-wheel articulating forklift with a single poly front drive tire and solid rubber rear tires. Front articulation of 200°, narrow mast and a compact front end allow easy stacking in Very Narrow Aisles. The B3/30AC can work inside and outside on paved surfaces. The B3/30AC does all the jobs of a reach truck in aisles at least 40″” (1M) smaller. ”


“Features Exceptional Design and Engineering

  • 3,000 lb. (1363kg) Capacity at 24″” (600mm) Load Center
  • 3-Wheel Design, Single Front Wheel Drive Provides Excellent Maneuverability and Traction
  • Ergonomic Design for Exceptional Operator Comfort and Safety
  • Integral Sideshifter Makes Placing and Picking Loads Effortless
  • DuraSteerTM Front Wheel Hydraulic Steering Provides Smooth, Reliable, Long-Lasting Steering Control
  • LandActive Control Provides Enhanced Traction Control Based on Steering Angle
  • Creep Speed Mode Adds Enhanced Control when Handling Loads at High Elevations or While Training Operators
  • High Visibility Mast Allows Optimum Safety and Control