RK300 Rail King


43,250 lbs

Max Tractive Effort When Both Couplers Are Used

46,550 lb

Max Tractive Effort When One Coupler Is Used

30,300 lb

Engine Make


  • Common Sense Engineering – maximum efficiency with safety and operator comfort
  • Exceptional performance – typically outperforms competitive models of same class size
  • Royalglide suspension system
  • Patented cushioned coupler system, full floating frame and cab design that provides a smooth ride on rail
  • Both road wheels and rail wheels for quick and easy mobility on tracks and roadways
  • Insulated cabs with wide entry doors, more head and leg room, easy-to-use controls and 360-degree visibility
  • Systems designed for ease of service, resulting in less downtime and reduced maintenance costs
  • More standard features on all new model Rail King rail car movers
  • Many factory options available to fit any application, including remote control