Specialty Equipment

For jobs that just can't be put into a box, LiftOne has specialty equipment to meet your needs from the most reliable brands in the business--Hyster, Ottawa, Combilift and Sellick.

Hyster Specialty Equipment

Why Rent From LiftOne?

  • Variety of late-model specialty equipment to choose from
  • Rent-to-own available
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal rentals
  • Same-day delivery
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Popular Rental Equipment

  • Hyster Ottawa Yard Spotter - 4x2 Off-Road

    Ottawa Yard Spotter - 4x2 Off-Road

    LiftOne offers Ottawa's Yard Spotter (Terminal Tractor) to help you get around your warehouse or cargo yard.

  • Hyster Hyster Jumbo Trucks - H800-1050HDS

    Hyster Jumbo Trucks - H800-1050HDS

    Lift anywhere from 80,000-105,000lbs safely and reliably with a Hyster Jumbo Truck from LiftOne.

  • Hyster Combilift C-Series (multi-directional truck)

    Combilift C-Series (multi-directional truck)

    This compact, multi-directional lift truck can lift up to a maximum of 50,000lbs in even the narrowest aisles.

  • Hyster Sellick S Series (rough terrain)

    Sellick S Series (rough terrain)

    Travel 12 miles per hour while hauling anywhere from 6,000lbs to 12,000lbs depending on the model. Contact LiftOne for details.

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Our short- and long-term rental solutions let you operate a modernized fleet–without a large capital investment. 

At LiftOne you'll find flexible leasing terms and much more.

Get in touch: fill out the Contact Us form, or call us toll free at (855) 543-8663 to speak with a trained Rental Specialist in your area. We'll connect you with the right equipment for your business today.

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