H400-450HD/S Hyster

  • Models:
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking
  • Environment: Outdoors
  • Power Source: Diesel
  • Capacity: 40,500 - 45,000
  • Max Load Height: 275
  • Max Load Weight: 45000
Handles Tight Turns and Heavy Loads with Ease

The versatile H400-450HD/S Big Truck series designed for outdoor use features four truck models available in both standard and short wheelbase variants with 40,000 and 45,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.

    • Steel
    • Breakbulk/Stevedoring
    • Concrete
    • Mining

Innovative Engine Technology

    • Integrated drivetrain with emission reduction package that includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for nitrogen oxide (NOX) reduction
    • Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) for particulate matter removal and a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery system.

    Intelligent Design Serviceability & Ergonomics   

      • Tier 4 Final Cummins QSB 6.7L engine with SCR, DOC and DEF.
      • ZF WG 211 5-speed powershift transmission.
      • Water-cooled variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) design combines
        the benefit of both a small and large turbocharger in a single unit,
        enabling Hyster® Tier 4 Final engines to achieve significantly improved
        response compared to Tier 3 engines.
      • On-demand hydraulics: The unique variable displacement pump design
        enables the load sending hydraulic system to only provide the required
        hydraulic flow to do the work.
      • The Idle Management System is another exclusive feature designed to
        save fuel without compromising the job.   If the engine is idling for a
        period without any demands from the operator, it will drop rpms and
        enter into “Hibernate Idle”.
      • The on-demand engine cooling system is designed so that the cooling
        fan will provide only the level of engine cooling required. Because the
        fan will usually be running lower, noise levels are reduced and less
        fuel is consumed.
      • Automatic throttle-up feature enables the truck to operate within its most efficient speed under varying load conditions.
      • ECO-mode selectable performance levels: ECO eLo mode provides good
        performance, and optimizes the engine for best fuel economy. Hi-P mode
        provides the highest productivity, and is still able to deliver
        excellent fuel economy.


    Equipment Type
    Forklifts / High Capacity Lift Trucks