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Safe and efficient industrial warehouse lighting is key to a productive facility – along with being one of the most overlooked areas for reducing or controlling costs. Contact LiftOne today for help with selecting the right commercial warehouse lighting system for your operation.

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Safe & Cost Effective

The right illumination of a warehouse, factory or loading dock increases worker efficiency and safety by eliminating shadows and dark spots that can cause injury; this is especially important when running nighttime operations.

More than just a matter of safety, a lighting upgrade can pay back dividends in energy efficiency. Depending on your current equipment and upgrade, you could see as much as 50% energy savings in your facility, and you may recuperate upgrade costs in as few as 14 months.

The Value of Custom Warehouse Design and Re-design

An optimized, efficiently-designed warehouse not only helps speed up fulfillment times and lower labor costs, it will also reduce wear and tear on your equipment and help prevent product damage. Our experts work with you from start to finish to build your smart solution for any material handling challenge, including retrofits and redesigns. Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan a tailored infrastructure.

How engineered systems save you money:

  • Uses storage space efficiently
  • Smart layouts reduce labor costs
  • Saves wear and tear on machines
  • Requires less equipment to maintain
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