Jun 08 2020

Celebrate National Forklift Safety Day With These Safety Tips

For the last seven years, LiftOne has been honored to celebrate National Forklift Safety Day with the Industrial Truck Association, forklift manufacturers, forklift dealers, and the many businesses that operate material handling equipment day in and day out. Safety is our number one priority.  

This year, to raise awareness on this important topic, we’re sharing our list of the top five things forklift owners can do to keep their warehouse or distribution center accident-free this year.

Top 5 Forklift Safety Tips For An Accident-Free Year


Schedule Forklift Operator Training

Every person on your payroll who touches a forklift in your fleet, must be certified. There is no replacement for proper training when it comes to reducing forklift accidents. According to OSHA, effective training can reduce accident rates by up to 30%.

Sign Up for a Planned Maintenance Plan

A forklift part breaking down at the wrong time can cause critical injury and serious damage to your facility. A maintenance plan is the best way to keep your fleet on schedule with manufacturer recommended maintenance to catch these issues before they become major problems. Without a maintenance plan, your equipment may not operate at peak performance and suffer from breakdowns much quicker, costing you downtime.

Use the Right Forklift Safety Products

If your warehouse or distribution center is properly fitted with the appropriate forklift safety products and accessories, like pedestrian awareness systems and blind spot mirrors, forklift-pedestrian accidents are much less likely to occur.

Maintain a Culture of Safety

As an employer, it’s your job to set the tone from the top. Safety is key to your business’ success. Hold regular safety meetings. Remind employees to do pre-shift equipment inspections. Repair equipment that has an issue immediately and remove it from the floor until it’s fixed. When you take safety seriously, your employees will too.

Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Make it known at on-boarding that you have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe operation of equipment and hold that line. Unsafe operation such as: Speeding, doing tricks, and taking shortcuts are far too risky behavior for second chances. Forklifts can be dangerous if used improperly, however, with the proper training and safety best practices, you can keep your personnel and facilities safe.

As your material handling business partner, the LiftOne team is always here for you with product support, operator training, equipment and safety advice, plus much more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your facility remain accident-free this year!


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